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Sound healing

Friday 15th of March


This evening is intended to cleanse the brain through sound and light. 

You bathe in the healing sounds of the handpan and crystal singing bowls. While relaxing lights and a cozy atmosphere invite you to let go. The instruments work on the human body by changing the frequency that it responds to a more balanced and light state of being. The lights are reminiscent of a surreal underwater world. You can let yourself drift and immerse yourself in a bubble of the subtle for an hour. 

Afterwards there will be a break to integrate what has been experienced and then there will be a sharing circle to gently round off the healing journey. 


About Bruno:


Since  he  was really young he  always found that music was a big part of himself. From 12 years old he started to play drums and  percussion. He went on a search of his perfect instrument and what kind of music fit the best for him. At the age of 20 he discovered the world of reiki, crystal healing and other holistic practices. There was always something pushing him to the wonders of sound. Meanwhile he plays the Handpan/Pantam, the crystal singing bowls, didgeridoo and  other organic instruments that infuse with our wellbeeing.


Sunday 24th of March


In this workshop Fernando will give an introduction to the magical world of Shibari - the Art of japanese rope bondage!



In this 6 hour workshop you will learn the basics for tying another person. This includes extensive information about risks and safety. You will learn the basic knots and a simple chest and leg harness.  There will also be time to practice and Fernando will always be there to correct and assist you. 


It’s a non sexual event - it’s about the art of Shibari! 

We will be clothed during the whole workshop and there will be no sexual practices at any time.


You can come with your partner or if you come alone we will find a practice partner for you. 


This workshop is also for those who never get it touch with this art before. When you are curious but still unsure whether this workshop is right for you - We would be happy to advise you - also in a personal non binding call.

Do not hesitate to write us if you have any doubts or questions 🤍


The intention is to create a safe space in which this special art can be explored. 


The workshop will be held in English with portuguese translation possible 


50€ per person or

75€ per couple 



About Fernando Lourenço: 


is married for 15 years. He discovered his passion for Shibari in 2018, initially attracted by the beauty of the ropes. When exploring this art, he realized its depth and transformative power. Shibari has become more than a practice, it has become a lifestyle. Providing an intimate connection with yourself and those you bind. For Fernando, the ropes are an extension of his fingers, a form of communication and mutual care. He believes that Shibari is a healing tool, capable of overcoming trauma, promoting awareness, focus and self-love. Furthermore, it offers a refreshing break from the noise of everyday life, allowing you to dive deep into relaxation, where emotions are healed. Currently, he shares his passion professionally, leading workshops, participating in public and private events, and running sessions, finding his greatest pleasure in helping others.

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